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RIDE offers the best possible care for our “Equine Therapists”. Each horse is kept on a regular training, vaccination, de-worming, and farrier schedule. Their nutritional needs are evaluated and addressed on an individual basis. The horses are turned out daily to romp and play and return to an individual pen with shelter at night. Each horse is assigned a special human buddy who gives their assigned horse special care and TLC.


The horses are brushed thoroughly and examined daily. All horses are placed on a fitness schedule so each stays in the best possible shape, both mentally and physically. Most of our horses require special supplements and medication to maintain happy and healthy lives. To learn more about sponsoring a horse, please send us an email and/or call us today!

Meet Our Herd


Sponsored by: Jan Hlavavek

Sponsored by: Raymond P. Smith and Associates

Kit Kat-Polo Horse
Sponsored by: Cindi Denison

Badger-Quarter Horse
Sponsored by: Black Diamond Consultants and Vicki Lee Green Realtors

Beauty-Haflinger mix
Sponsored by: Cheval Colorado

Sponsored by: Trixi Marienau

Rattler-Dutch Warmblood
Sponsored by: Jolley Family Foundation

Sponsored by: Raymond P. Smith and Associates

Stevie-Quarter Horse
Sponsored by: Tracy McCallum

Sponsored by: Penny is available for sponsorship.

Sponsored by: Miracles From Maggie

Fooly-Polo Horse
Sponsored by: Raymond P. Smith and Associates

Sponsored by: Jen Hlavacek and Stacy VanHercke 

Dandi-Welsh Pony
Sponsored by: Grand River Healthcare Center and Jan Day

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