Volunteers are the backbone of any therapeutic riding program.  Without those dedicated people who come in all kinds of weather to help with horses and lessons and to offer their support and encouragement to the riders, the program would not be possible.  For this reason, RIDE needs to rely upon many volunteers each day that lessons are scheduled.


There are usually four lessons in the arena at one time and four horses down getting tacked up so many volunteers are needed.


Volunteers needed for Events!

-May 2th (Kentucky Derby at Miner Claim)

-Oct  6th(Elk Creek Mining)

-Dec (Another Hayride!)




For more Information


How to get into program


Session 1 

Starting May 23rd-10 weeks

Session 2

Third week of August until weather permits.

What jobs can volunteers do?


Lead or side-walk with the horse for riders in the arena.


Prepare animals for lessons and clean up afterwards.


Conduct fundraiser and/or public relations campaigns for the program.


Orientation for those wishing to help are held on a regular basis, usually in March and June.


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