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What to Do at RIDE?

RIDE activities are always tailored to the needs of our clients, but general topics for our one-hour sessions include:

  • Teambuilding

  • Empowerment groups

  • Movement

  • Re-Engagement workshops

  • Horsemanship 101

  • Horsemanship 102

  • Caregiver/Family support

  • Specialist clinics

  • Pet and Groom 

  • Walk Away the Stress

  • Wine and Whinnies 


Who’s Coming to RIDE?

There are several ways in which students participate in the various equine activities at RIDE. 


Individual Services

  • Activities for these clients are tailored to their individual needs

  • The number of instructors/staff needed will be based on determined activities for the client

  • Call for pricing information


Small Group Services

  • 4-18 clients

  • 2 RIDE instructors required

  • $35.00 per participant, per session


Large Group Services

  • 19-25 clients

  • 3-4 RIDE instructors required

  • $45.00 per participant, per session


Special Groups

  • At-Risk/Severe needs

  • Call for pricing/instructor information

Contact Dee Stiers at (970) 876-2987 for more information about available services.

Rider Information


If you would like to enroll an individual into the RIDE Horsemanship Program, please download our Rider Enrollment Packet.


Once you have filled out these forms and had your rider's doctor complete the “Physician’s Referral Form”, come on down to RIDE and turn them in and we will contact you to set up a lesson time.


2024 RIDE Calendar

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