The Year 2020 is almost over!!!


Dec 12th: Christmas Covid Family celebration was a success!!!

Jan-Feb: Teacher groups willing being coming to the ranch to connect with the horse family. 

March 21st-27th: Horse exercising taking place to get the horses ready for the 2020 year. 

March 27th/April 3rd: From 10 to 2 volunteer orientation mandatory for all new and old volunteers. These will be our only two so be sure to make one of them.

April  starts Hiring of 2 new staff members: Horse manager - Empowerment summer camps!


We are excited for our school equine program to begin this year starting with Cactus Valley (Within the current Covid-19 restrictions).  

May 23rd-24th: Session 1 starts so sign up now!!! (Within the current Covid-19 restrictions)

3rd week of August: Session 2 starts so volunteers are needed every Friday. (Within the current Covid-19 restrictions).

Empowerment camps were a success last year so they will continue in 2021!!

Special camp events are coming up: (Within the current Covid-19 restrictions).

Girls Empowerment Camp

Boys Empowerment  Camp


NOW Hiring!!

We really appreciate all the sponsors and volunteers! We couldn't THANK YOU enough!! Let us know if you are wanting to sponsor a horse next year, they would surely love it.

The RIDE program is always looking for new ways to improve the experience for all of our riders! You can be a part of this amazing program by becoming a volunteer or sponsor.

We Lost a few of our great people here at RIDE:

  • Dee Mobley our Wonderful friend who told us great stories.

  • Enrique our weekly shot of Happiness.

  • 9 of our veterans - a celebration of life for them will be held in the spring of 2021.

New Tackroom is up and running for the 2021 season!!!