The Year 2022 Here!!!


March: Volunteer Orientation


We are excited for our school equine program to begin this year starting with Cactus Valley.

We are doing a new thing this summer known as princess camps and those will be June 23rd - 25th and call Dee Stiers for details.

Second Princess camp July 21st - 23rd

Wapiti camp will be new as well and that will take place July 7th -  9th. 

June 6th - 8th: Session 1 starts so sign up now!!!  

Shellie Kincaid Clinic June 9th - 11th

August 1st and 2nd: Horse Show


September 8th and 9th: Session 2 starts so volunteers are needed every Friday. 

Empowerment camps were a success last year so they will continue in 2022!!

Special camp events are coming up: 

School camps

Girls Empowerment Camp

Boys Empowerment  Camp

Looking for VOLUNTEERS!!

We really appreciate all the sponsors and volunteers! We couldn't THANK YOU enough!! Let us know if you are wanting to sponsor a horse next year, they would surely love it.

The RIDE program is always looking for new ways to improve the experience for all of our riders! You can be a part of this amazing program by becoming a volunteer or sponsor.

The Kentucky Derby was a success and we will have the 88 grill fundraiser sometime in October.

New Tackroom is up and running for the 2021 season!!!