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For those of you who do not know Dee and Poke (yes, that is his actual name) Stiers and thier immediate family, Stephanie Stiers Hinkley and grandchildren let me just tell you from the outside looking in what I see.


This family gives their hearts and souls to this non-profit.  The love of the kids, horses and adults that need a special moment of discovery.  I don't know how they do it?  They all work full time jobs in education, and still find the time to make this all come together for all who come.


This family has the energy and compassion of many.  Read a short explaination about them here.  Everything that they and why condenced into a couple of paragraphs.  Really just does not say enough.


Lori Mitchell, Poud to call these fine folks my friends, and this organization a true work of love.


Stephanie Stiers wanted to work at a program called Champagne Therapy on the windward side of Oahu when she was about 12.  Poke and I took her on Saturdays and all of us stayed to help.


We then moved to California and began working as volunteers with a program called REINS that my dear friend Debbie Shinner took over.  This happend shortly after my youngest daughter died in an equestrian accident. We then moved to Silt, Co in 1993 and took over the Riding Institute for Disabled Equestrians.


Stephanie got married and became a 'Hinkley', and then moved her family to Silt, CO.  It has been a family affair ever since!


Brenna is the lemonade girl, Cody and Kayla volunteer, Stephanie's hubby builds, makes signs and Poke is the manager of the whole program -from fixing poles to dragging the arena, to being a sidewalker!!!!


Thank you for supporting our program.

Dee Stiers




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